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Tomorrow, Future, Next..... 4 September 2011

Tomorrow, Future, Next 
Helen Joe^^

As  the  war  begins , the most suffering  one are people…..
 New government of  Burma ruling from the middle of  April…. Before 1oo days for ruling ,there is  event happening  in the northern part of  Burma.. the  questions appear in my mind is… how  the people  can hope for  the future and  trust the new Government ?and …why the government want the ethnic arms  group  to enter the military ..and want them to disappear.?. some  people have  already guessed  that civil  will happen  even the new  system appear   or  not .

In the new constitution  law .  “There should be one  union Army ”  has written .. said the consultant of president . According to  me   If the junta want the union, the president should be  discuss all of the ethnic rebel groups  face to  face..
However, the new parliament didn’t disclose  on desk  and  take action according to some of the  politicians .

Moreover, the  impacts  hit the citizens .and  many villagers  flee  from  their  beloved home and town.and  the  Kachin troop army is facing the difficulties  to handle the  rapid rising amount  of  refugees.

According the report of  the Kachin Women's Association Thailand (KWAT),more than 3,000 have taken refuge in the Kachin capital Myitkyina  .However, the total number of refugees at the Sino-Burmese border, including the city of Laiza, is estimated at nearly 20,000.

We also can see some witnesses  how much the  government   tricky  is… NGOs  and relief agencies such as World Food Program and the International Committee for the Red Cross are prohibited from supplying aid to the Kachin refugees.

Refugees are soon suffering from food shortages if there is no further aid, and the government keeps blocking international aid agencies from supporting them,
Also in report.. insufficient of proper food is starting to cause malnutrition among the children, and  also lack of  hygienic  problems seem to spread the  diseases  among  people . Now.. mostly the  refugees are shelling at the churches and  some may be  living in made-sheet tents.

At a press conference in Naypyidaw last Friday, Burma's Information Minister Kyaw Hsan accused the ethic arm troop started blowing fire . He also blamed that the rebels are don’t want the peace as they  denied  the peace  negotiation ….
I am now  really worried for Burma ..where is the  peace ,justice and freedom of  expression ,  assembly and others…So  the people of  Burma never experiences about freedom like other countries ..Definitely ,  they want changes form Government and a little change  may be relieved their pains which is  suffering  for  long time .
So far, It’ll take a lot of time …
 After reading  above  the  article , I hope  that  we  may  not  bring   the  big change  for  Burma…but at least we can do is spreading the news to the other parts of the world .It’ll be giving help hands for Burmese .

Thank you.


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