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The interviewing with KWAT(Kachin Women Association in Thailand) 11 November 2012

The interviewing with KWAT
Can you explain the work of KWAT?
She did brief introduction of the History of KWAT Objective is to improve the life of ethnic women form in 1999 ,  one of the member on WLB ANTI Burma Network for Human Rights documentation for Burma and we involve in several link with the Human Rights network.
There are 6 programme we are carrying on. One is Capacity Building Programme under it we have an internship programme , Peace project and the Violance against women. The internship programme is mainly for the Youth inside 2009 till that time we only recuite women and later to the young man which is doing 12 years now. We educate them Democracy, Human Rights and the federal democracy and constitution and the leadership skill other needed things
And other porgramme is research and documentation programme start from 2004. The first issue we do it for the Human Trafficking we collect the data and publish next. After then we are focusing on the cases of Human Rights violation, extrajudicial killing, torture and force labors
While we are doing the documentation at this time it said that reconciliation but it is not true at all. So when the genuine reconciliation come and the justice came we hope that what we are doing for the documentation will be somehow useful and the we can able to address those violation cases to get justice for those victims. We also focused advocating on the international organization like UN and as well as the government. This is documentation and the research program
Another huge the program which is the anti-trafficking program since we have seen that so many people from Myanmar is sold in other country. After they get back we need to do so many things for them to rehabilitation and counseling.
And Migrant programme which educate programme for migrant since they always agree to the employer regarding on the salary and every things. They don’t know much about the labour rights. They don’t have leisure time and holiday. And the health
There is another programme that is called political empowerment programme with improve the ideals of politic among the young people later on who are more deeptly interesting the politic we recollect them and give them advance tanning. We have also health programme we open ja la yang in a clinic since it is between mai ja yang and lai za is stop functioning cause of the war break that move to the mai Ja yang and cure the IDPs for the health.
Can you explain some documentation you did in this war period?
Yes. When we start doing we do continuously collect the data of the human Rights violation cases. And within this period there are so much vialoation when the war break out. So that as far as the violation are concern we try to do this to acknowledge the internation and till today we publish 3 reports already. In the report we do present some data which we can only collect meaning there are a lot of cases we can’t reach out. Thtough that report we are advocating the war crime and crime against humanity to the international. We also have a communication with the United Nation Human Right Council and Commission and we do send the information to them. For us we don’t write the Shadow repot not UPR but we participate along with the Human Rights groups in Thailand.
During this year what we found out is the IDP less get the international support , the government band the support with reality the support are not reach to the needed. We have heard that just a week ago the MNHRC visited to Kachin state and do a statement[1] which is not encouraging that much.
And when the war started, we have read the article from Than Myint Oo regarding on the kachin issues is like a cancer so cann’t solve so that we need to cut it out we are really sorry to know that whether the KIA is wrong or the Burmese troops we need to consider the difficulties of the IDPs.
So , regarding on the coming foreign investment how do you feel?
For us, we feel very worry about that so, we tell in the media that coming foreign investment this time is so early for since the civil war in Kachin state seems not stop yet and the combination of investment and development the impact comes to the , the local people lost their land, home and increase the violation of HR. If the investment is for the real development for the local , there must be a good policy which is also include the voice of people. Not directly from the government. There should be also some procedure and after that final consult with the local people whether it will impact them or not. If the process is not like that , it will definitely support to create more violations in that area. We are sure that the investing will take place mostly in the ethnic area in terms of its rich nature resources and its broden areas.
For example – for the kachin area (we will talk the area we family most) , they do some porgramme like tiger reserve but those area they plan suger cane for their benefit under development during the cease fire period. They don’t have tentative policy and they would like to do development collectively with investment. Before everything is ready it is welcoming the violation ahead. For the investor we would like them to consider whether it is possible to do or not when the country doesn’t have the genuine stability.
I would like to know the documentation of the KWAT and its system . it was really impress to see the way its written.
So for that we join with ANTI-Burma , for the porpose of doing systematically and suit with the international standard. We train our field documenter for an effective traning. From basic to advance .
To collection the information , we have the manual, those documents are not for only one use, we hope to have a truth commission in Myanmar in some days and we hope that our documentation provide a huge good for them. We hope to have all the victims  to have a justice. To keep those thing , we use a kind of mother software which also use the members of ANTI-Burma. And we updately give feedback and we have the sub-and the headquarter of this.  And we have our active field documenter in the regions mostly in kachin State and northern Shan State. For the followup case, they update usually. We don’t do use to change the ..
Regarding on capacity building , Do you have any plan for doing together with some of the Kachin MP for Hluttaw ? may be for the future ?
For this one, we are now come firstly with the basic. But for the localy our staff are doing monthly meeting with the delegates of the areas. After that they shre
We have also women political forum which we do the monthly meeting in there lawyers and some from the government sectors. For approaching the MPs we have women network in the urban area and from there we can sent the information, report book which we released this moment. For the wlb also doing the same things . for some of the Mps we see that they are in lack of the awareness and knowledge on the women difficulties and the convenction .. so now we try to say them that this things are happening.
And for the mNHRC we send them also the information
For the future , we are thinking to do for the 2015 election who want to compete for that we are thinking to do some exposure for them we also want to gather the kachin MPs for them to aware the situation of women in Particular also strengthen the network
We also have in mind for the peace preparation programme which will be identifying what peace means for the grassroot level, what they want.
We also try to improve the feminist lawyers to more and improve the perspective to them
Your view in the Roninhinya conflict?
We are really hard to say the situation. We can see one thing is created by the government. In the sense of political view we can see that since the kachin conflict is becoming so hot issue for the international and they just want to drive their eyes to the Rahkin conflict in order to week the interest for the kachin.
When it was start happening some of the politicization said that it is playing politic
According to the Pinglong agreement , the state register from the ethnic
Finally what do you wanna say
Now Burma is in need of Genuine peace. The government make a plan for that . Now the international said that is that negotiation process start in Burma . But for us as being of Kachin, what we are now finding is the government want to follow all their plan. Negotiation is not meaning like that but just gather the same interest of both side and need to settle with that like win-win situation. The ceasefire agreement is they want to push for the sign in order to show in the international. We think that we need to expose to the international that how the ethnic fell that under the modern dectortaship of the government and how they suffer. We also need to here our voice. Democracy still cannot portect us and can’t solve the can’t solve the problem.



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